Frequently Asked Questions

Can your wall stickers be repositioned?

Yes, they can. They are designed for children to move and re-apply, hence the many benefits they offer for learning and education, living in rented accommodation or in creating different themes, as your children grow older.

Can your wall graphics be cleaned?

Yes, they can but we would recommend not using any chemical cleaners just a slightly damp cloth only. Anything other than this could cause the colours to run and damage the material as well as your wall surface.

What material are your graphics produced onto?

WallPlay graphics are produced onto a re-stick material designed for putting onto flat painted walls and for removal and re-applying. This is not a high bond adhesive but rather an industry designed material for re-use.

Where are your wall graphics produced?

All WallPlay graphics are designed and produced in our Surrey, UK based production facility

Can I re-use my WallPlay graphics?

Yes, you can, however, we would advise keeping the silicon backing sheet that they are supplied on as well as all the packaging so when you need to remove and apply elsewhere this will safely store them.

Do I need tools to apply WallPlay wall graphics?

No. They are designed for a pick, peel and apply process and to allow children to join in too. Very much trying to not make it a process that a parent or guardian needs to spend their time on their own applying in the same way that you would with something like wallpapering.

Can WallPlay wall graphics be applied to other surfaces?

Our images can be applied to most smooth, hard surfaces such as walls, doors, fridges, cupboards, glass and windows but should not be applied to textile surfaces such as carpets, curtains or upholstery. Fabric fibres will reduce the product’s lifespan.

Are instructions or templates supplied?

There is a design to follow should you wish; however we encourage you to use your imagination to create your own unique image. There are videos on our website if you are looking for inspiration. Do please remember that your walls should be clean, dry and not be freshly painted.

How long do printed wall graphics last?

They should last a minimum of 2 years under standard house temperatures/conditions. They occasionally may need a further rub down for application but this should only be periodically and to maintain their adhesion.

Will the wall stickers remove paint from my walls?

Our wall stickers are produced onto a removable material designed for repositioning. As such they should not remove paint. However, we would advise to not apply them to freshly painted walls. Our recommended minimum drying time for painted walls is 3 weeks. In addition, the preparation and quality of the walling, the painted finish and the type of paint used can have an effect on paint removal. The application should be to walls that have been painted using modern industry standard paints. Older scenic artist style painted walls could experience paint removal due to the nature of the paint used.

Where are your wall graphics produced?

It all depends on your imagination! It should be a fun process with the children being able to help so it really is down to how long you want it to take!

Are your wall graphics safe for children?

Yes, they are but again with all reasonable attention to application and use. Small pieces should be kept out of reach. Please be aware torn or small parts could be a choking hazard for babies and small children.