How to apply your WallPlay graphics

Preparation / Where to use

Clean the wall with a cloth and make sure it is dry and free of dust or dirt.

The application should be to walls that have been painted using modern industry standard paints.

Newly painted walls should be allowed to dry and air for 3 weeks prior to application of any wall graphics. In addition, the quality of the preparation and walling, the painted finish and the type of paint used could have an adverse effect on the painted surface.

We do not recommend the application of our wall stickers to textured walls, wallpaper or delicate surfaces. This includes older scenic artist-style painted walls, as these could experience paint removal due to the nature of the paint used.

In addition, the stickers should not be applied to brick or other rough surfaces.


The wall stickers will be supplied printed onto a backing sheet.

Just remove slowly from this backing sheet and apply to the wall surface.

Removing too hard or too fast from the backing sheet could tear the design.

Apply using a dry cloth smoothing across the image out towards the edges.

If you need to remove any air bubbles repeat the smooth sweeping motion with the cloth starting where the bubble is out towards the edge for the air to escape.

Removal / Re-use

Simply peel them slowly off the wall.

Removing too hard or too fast from the applied surface could tear the design.

If you want to store or take down your wall stickers to re-use, firstly remove the waste sticker material from the liner sheet, place them back on their liner and then back in their packaging will keep them sticky and ready to re-apply whenever you’re ready.

Our wall stickers are produced onto a removable material designed for repositioning and we advise following our preparation guidelines.