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Dinosaur Wall Stickers

Step back in time and bring your childrens’ bedroom to life with our brilliant collection of restickable dinosaur wall stickers. Featuring a great range of friendly dino characters, as well as some fabulous dinosaur sticker sets they’re perfect for those little boys and girls who are obsessed with our prehistoric relatives. Browse the full range and discover our fearsome (but quite smiley) T-Rex wall sticker, a lovable diplodocus wall sticker and this very cheeky, purple brachiosaurus wall sticker.

All of these dinosaur wall stickers come printed on our amazing restickable material. That means they can be moved around easily should you change the room layout or decide to redecorate. Our brilliant Dino Park scenes come in three sizes and feature a huge range of dinosaurs as well as trees and a lake, allowing you to create your own unique arrangement that can be changed whenever you like.